Susie's Newsletter
March News
March 22, 2010

HAPPY SPRING TO YOU!! As the flowers are beginning to bloom from the seeds in the ground, so the seeds of prayer are producing much fruit in the Kingdom! As I mentioned in my last newsletter our main prayer focus this semester is for the ‘body of Christ’ on our campus– for every believer to grow in intimacy with the Lord and understanding in their identity in Christ. One of the biggest challenges on our campus is helping people to stop striving in their religious or self-righteous works and to enter into rest and peace. When people think that they have to constantly earn God’s love it produces one of two things; powerless religion or lawlessness. We are pressing in for a deeper understanding of the amazing work that Jesus did on the Cross. This past month has been very encouraging to see that God is answering our prayers in major ways.

     Do you remember last summer? I went to Bosnia and helped with a discipleship training tool called “the Exchange.” The Exchange teaches the message of the Cross and is based on the book of Romans. It is accompanied by personal prayer ministry sessions where we help people to pray through areas where they feel “stuck.” The Holy Spirit exposes lies that keep people from experiencing God’s goodness and truth. As a result we are seeing major transformation in people’s lives (including my own). We have had many opportunities to minister The Exchange with people on campus including other campus ministers. One campus minister has allowed me to share about his Exchange session. He always felt major pressure to please everyone and live up to their expectations which produced in him feelings of major condemnation when he felt like he couldn’t measure up. It made it difficult to even enjoy His own relationship with the Lord and it made ministry feel like a tremendous burden. After the Holy Spirit revealed the truth to him ‘that his acceptance and worth are not dependent on his performance but are totally unconditional,’ he immediately experienced a new measure of love, acceptance, and peace from the Lord. He completely felt re-energized about ministry.
    In addition, we were invited back to lead worship and prayer at the Baptist Student Ministry for the end of their series called “Living a Spirit-lead life.” During our time with them, they were invited to receive prayer for any need that they had. The Holy Spirit was definitely doing a deep work in students hearts. One young man came up for prayer and didn’t really give any specific request so the person began to pray the love of God. The young man returned to his seat but came back a few minutes later with tears and confessed that he had been living an immoral lifestyle with his girlfriend. He said that the Lord told him it was time to start honoring her and to discontinue living that way. “Rom 2:4 Ordo you thinklightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patiencenot knowing that the kindnessof God leadsyou to repentance?
     Also one of our team members gave an invitation to receive prayer for anyone who was struggling with hopelessness or thoughts of suicide. Five minutes later a young lady came up and confessed for the first time that she had been struggling with suicidal thoughts her whole life!! She received ministry and prayer that night and is continuing to have follow-up help through the BSM.
     We continue to pray with and for several ministries on campus and the Lord is giving us more opportunities to serve other ministries as we labor to build a culture of prayer on the campus 

Prayer Requests For:

· Revival and Unity continuing in the hearts of believers!

· Wisdom and direction for our 3 graduating seniors this year– Emily, Laura, and Chelsea.

· Grace, wisdom & revelation to continue building the Campus House of Prayer.

· His house to become a “House of Prayer to all the Nations”!!


January News
January 26, 2010


  Happy Belated 2010!! We rang in the ‘new year’ with a bang in Kansas City at the “One Thing” conference with 18,000 screaming young people worshipping and praying right through the stroke of midnight!! God truly moved in people’s lives in amazing ways throughout the week. From approximately 300 documented physical healings, hearts being healed, and even one of our very own friends, Raul, receiving water baptism! A few of us stayed through January 5 for the leadership summit and were very encouraged to hear about the growing global prayer movement of which we get to participate!

 I believe the Lord is doing a major work on the campus in the hearts of His children to restore us to a place of intimacy with the Lord so that we can truly run in His strength and not our own. I am convinced it is imperative to have prayer and worship as the absolute foundation of everything we do. We must become a people that know “who we are and who’s we are”! In other words, I believe the Lord is bringing exponential growth to the ‘body’ right now in the revelation of our identity in Christ and the authority He has given us to release the His Kingdom in the earth. From that place sin doesn’t linger, relational health abounds and “evangelism” is not a program– it just becomes the natural overflow of who we are!
 We are very excited about the unity that is already taking place this semester! The Baptist Student Ministry (BSM–building located on UH campus) invited us in to lead a worship and prayer set for their student leader retreat before the start of the semester. The Lord powerfully touched people — even the young men broke down in tears in the presence of the Lord. Students begin sharing and encouraging each other with what they felt the Lord was saying. The presence of God was so strong that meeting which was scheduled to last for 1.5 hours lasted over 5hours. The BSM director told us that we had helped to spark a new “fire” in his students and that many of them experienced major transformation normally would have taken months or even years for the healing to manifest. But it all happened in just a few hours in the presence of the Lord! This is the power of prayer! He also said that their first week on campus as the BSM ministry was ‘completely different as his students had a new zeal to impact their fellow students. In fact his students had gone out and invited over 200 new students to their lunch and began sharing the gospel with them!      
 Also the BSM has invited us to open a prayer room right in their building and host several weekly prayer meetings with various other ministries. Last semester I got a phone call from a friend that is a part of the Tallahassee HOP... She had been praying for us and felt that the Lord wanted us to trust Him for a building. She also said that the Lord told her that there is a pastor in your area that wants to let you use a room in his building that could be a central place for believers to begin to gather on a regular basis. Answered prayer! It just so happens that Bridges International (Ministry to Internationals at UH) will also be using their facility for one of their meetings and we will be doing a prayer session to specifically cover their staff and the nations!
 Additionally, this semester we are studying the Book of Daniel in our weekly Bible study. We are learning about Daniels insights and its relevance in these times. I am so encouraged by the Lord’s faithfulness and so thankful for your prayers and support to make this become a reality!! I am praying increase and prosperity for you and your loved ones!!
 Prayer Requests For:

Provision for musical equipment.  

Revival continuing in the hearts of believers!

Grace, wisdom & revelation to continue building the Campus House of Prayer.
His house to become a “House of Prayer to all the Nations”!!


November News
November 24, 2009







I would like to share a bit about the journey that I have been on since the conception of ‘Campus House of Prayer.’ I remember sitting in a staff meeting as we began to envision a ministry based on deep intimacy with the Lord — we were brainstorming names for this future ministry and I remember us throwing out the name ‘Campus House of Prayer.’ To be perfectly honest, I didn’t like it at all! I remember thinking, “this is not relevant or catchy in any way.” All I really knew was that whatever this ‘new thing’ was going to be, it had to be founded on great intimacy with the Lord and that all other ‘ministry’ would simply overflow from that place.

Recently we’ve been praying about the direction that the Lord has been taking us on and realizing that the Lord’s vision is much bigger than we originally realized. The Lord has been in the process of building our understanding of intimacy, prayer, eschatology as well as cultivating a deeper revelation of the power of the Cross and Resurrection.
Our desire is to partner with the rest of the body on the campus and in the city of Houston to establish a 24/7 House of Prayer to which the whole city can come and participate. This ministry would also be the foundation stone of one day launching people into works of justice and missions. I am very excited and learning everyday how to continue to remain obedient to the Lord is this foundational season to allow Him to deposit more inside me to be able to sustain what He ultimately has.
I have been very encouraged learning this semester about the global prayer movement that God is raising up and also practically learning a “harp and bowl” style of prayer, which is integrating prayer and worship. We are working with one team of students now and have just recently been invited to begin teaching another team of students in the city. As of November we have 5 different 2hrs prayer sets throughout the week in our living room and are trusting the Lord to build according to His timing. Next month about 10-12 of us will be caravanning north to Kansas City, MS to participate in the ‘One Thing’ Conference out of the International House of Prayer in which we will be joining approx. 20,000 other students and young adults to deepen our understanding of a lifestyle devoted to the Lord and how we can participate in what the Lord is doing in this generation.
 I am thankful to the Lord in this season that He knows exactly what I need right now to prepare me for the future. I will not despise the day of small beginnings and I will embrace every moment of this time to grow and to lay a proper foundation.
Thanks for your friendship and partnership in the dream!
 Prayer Requests For:
· Teams of students to have a desire to lead/learn in HOP.
· Grace to continue building the C-HOP.
· That we would continue to grow exponentially in this foundational time in every area both practically and spiritually.